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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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then the criticism the occupy wall street movement isn't going down without a fight and argue producer lucy confidant has been right there with it all we'll have a report from her from new york. and we've got be downed in beantown as police in riot gear arrest hundreds of peaceful protesters in boston but in washington d.c. it was a little bit of a different story law enforcement officers showing capitol kindness to protesters in freedom square so what's the different approaches what's with the different approaches taken by police. as elements of rebirth of society represents all the reasons why people are coming down there. trying to make
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a living and she is no different traveling from los angeles to new york to try to fix a broken system so is this young woman lends her time and talent to improve america can the spaces of occupation really repair the damage caused by wall street and. the good it does is not of us are so relieved it's also called productive it's the people who want to build as friends in this fight against terrorism so as washington beat the drums of war in the u.s. turning an ally into an enemy when it comes to pakistan and could pakistan be the next afghanistan we'll talk to former cia intelligence officer michael scheuer. good evening it's tuesday october eleventh eight pm in washington d.c. and christine friends out there watching our team. a look at the evening at the
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movement that continues to grow and gain momentum occupy wall street on the agenda today like protesters called the millionaire's march. this video from this afternoon where hundreds of protesters are rallied and also headed to some of the homes of those they say are responsible for the economic turmoil this country is in if they are the ninety nine percent people like j.p. morgan chase c.e.o. jamie dimon news course the rupert murdoch and conservative billionaire david koch are the one percent the protesters which is why they plan marches to the homes of these men today lots going on in new york of course and our producer lucy kavanagh has been in the thick of things for days now let's go to lucy now in our new york studio hey there lucy i have been following your tweets you really have been in the center of the action to talk to me about what you've been seeing. hi christine
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while trying to stay awake kerry has been pregnant and days we surprisingly actually have really seen the movement grow it's something that we sort of counted on for over the weekend since in light of the mass arrests we sort of expected more and more people to turn out to show their support but the big question mark was when the nice weather ebbs when the weekends goes away will people still show up will they had we counted about rough estimate of about two thousand protesters out in zuccotti park what they call is liberty liberty liberty square and a lot of different types of people we've seen a lot of folks who are in fact employed just really frustrated with the way that's things are they they're not comfortable in the system they sort of don't feel like they're represented by the system a lot of smaller sort of odd elements to yesterday we were on one sort of march with younger and her kists who didn't really seem so interested in the root cause in the economic situation we saw a bunch of back this actually take a police barricade and break it and jump gleefully on it but i wouldn't say that
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that's really representative at all of the broader march a lot of sort of contrasts and contradictions as well i mean we saw some tents set up where people were peddling we are the ninety nine percent t. shirt just basically a foot or two away from signs that read down with capitalism but at the same time a lot of celebrities also lending their voice of support i don't know how well received by the community here we saw kanye west actually turn up yesterday with russell simmons dressed in what appeared to be a four hundred dollar designer shirt and several thousands of dollars worth of jewelry didn't really talk to anyone and ended up leaving and you know i have to say i don't really know what it means when someone who is very clearly within the top one percent in terms of the wealth income gap comes to protests about one percent we've also seen an interesting mixed reaction by the city there have been several scuffles with police and the police. presence has been enormous of course
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mayor bloomberg is said that the protesters could stay there indefinitely but the rumor here is that he's sort of trying these unorthodox methods try to drive them out in fact con edison yesterday evening started drilling just a few feet away from a security part very very loud powerful massive drills in their permits i talked to there the boss of the workers group goes from ten pm until six am around the same time that the protesters are supposed to be sleeping so it's sort of interesting to see how this will all play out there is actually even though a lot of the local residents aren't necessarily thrilled with the masses of people that have been coming out we did see sort of shows of support for example the march that you had mentioned earlier a lot of the doormen were walking outside of the buildings cheering with the crowd saying they stand with the protesters when the protesters actually got to jamie diamond's house which by the way was barricaded off by police barricades none of the other homes had a woman came out and said quote i stand with you guys we are on your side well they
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are seeing out of interesting sort of j.p. morgan chase have you know if you weeks ago did give four point three million dollars to the police found there he should at least get a very kate i'm just kidding i want to ask you a lot of people that have been there act zuccotti park have been camping there have been staying there not a lot of time to watch what's been going on i'm wondering how aware are people down there on wall street that their movement is spreading across the country and also you know that they're not the only ones facing the wrath of police. actually surprisingly excuse me there have been extremely aware when we for example saw the . terrible white violence that was going on in boston yesterday evening that live stream was being projected for everyone in the park to see and people were standing around looking at that and who are sort of talking about what was going on we also knew that this happened in dallas as well in atlanta and in seattle at the seattle at the same time of the people who were operating the volunteers who were operating
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the live feed or what sort of switching between the channels to see what's happening they also do these sort of nightly meetings where they talk about what's going on and any time a new city launches an occupy wall street operation they announce that the crowd usually cheers loudly so folks are in fact very clued in to what's going on in the rest of the world remember the you know everyone has a little smartphone and is on twitter constantly they were pretty pretty large and growing media it seemed spread the information either virtually or with print outs or photocopies so they are not they're not an island in themselves very very connected and clued into what's going on across the country well so interesting with you really are unified movement and as we know it's becoming an international movement r.t. producer lucy confidant and if you want to the minute information on occupy wall street you should definitely follow up by following her on twitter at cafe knob. the protests have spread out west to california to texas north to boston and
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everywhere in between it was in boston as we just mentioned after midnight last night that one of the biggest crackdowns by police so far took place. the right more than a hundred people were arrested after one o'clock this morning when hundreds of boston and friends at least thirty some of them actually in riot gear the rounded a group in dewey square park protesters say officers tore down their tents started handcuffing people and they know distinctions between protesters medics or legal observers and you know we want to lay out for you what it looks like from the front lines in terms of police action. this video of course from last week in new york city of officers using their batons to try to keep protesters from crossing police barriers here again once once again that video from last night in boston where police action resulted in one of the camps being torn down more than one hundred
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arrests but take a look at this this was from yesterday i believe we have video right there this is washington d.c. i was down there two officers with the national park service smiling in their hearts actually the people there had permits to camp on the weekend but despite those permits expiring everything seems to be just going fine with minimal police activity part of this of course could have to do with a lawsuit involving d.c. police where hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid out police chief actually fired at the treatment of people protesting the world bank and i.m.f. back about eight or nine years ago but whatever the reason i want to talk more about this and earlier i spoke to rob call publisher of news dot com how to do this to different cities or different policies but also each occupy movement location has different people with different agendas and some of them are going to be looking for trouble and a lot of it is about the individual police or even the lieutenants or captains who
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were who were on duty we've had experience in philadelphia with some police where they arrest our journalists and other times where the police are just great it's a lot of personal differences i think but you don't think of it as anything to do with the police and you know where they're from. i think it does yes i think that it's kind of surprising that in new york and boston which are liberal cities you'd see this but again every city is going to have a police who cover all the different ranges of opinions and idiology and so you're going to have police who are more sensitive when we were down in washington over the weekend we saw one policeman who literally attacked the signs and tore them apart and he went after people pretty viciously and it looked like he was
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about ready to explode that's one guy you can take one person over all the police in washington d.c. were great but it's just like. when we were in washington on sunday one protester went to the white house gate and he threw a shoe now the word was used to throw it over the fence but it hit a policeman and they think tried to stop him from doing anything that involved throwing anything but one person can mess things up whether they're on the protest side or on the police side very good so i have and there ought to be a way for the police and the protesters to work together to kind of coordinate with each other to figure it out is this guy i want to you we're not the same thing with the police because when we think about officer below nya his fellow officers were looking at him like he was out of his mind and the very thing i mean i think that's a really good point that that in some cases they can be one person i want to ask you about that the mayor of boston has that federal disobedience will not be
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tolerated when it disrupts the functions of the city i know that protesters say you know they're fighting for a better economy for more jobs what do you make of this argument that the protesters are getting the in the way of some people who are just trying to do their jobs trying to go to work. i think that the protesters are occupying places where there's lots of room and the police and the mayor is are playing a game when it comes to this let's face it if the police want to arrest you for something they'll find a way to do it we've seen that over and over again in this country whether it's the apartment of justice or a local cop saying that you jaywalked i talked about this in philadelphia yesterday with one of the civil affairs police and i asked him that exact question because he said they were getting along great feeling really good about the way things were going with the occupation in occupy philly and i looked at all these tents on city property and i knew that if they wanted to they could have arrested people who are
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clearly the tense because by technicalities there are laws being broken so the mayor i don't think he's talking necessarily in good faith because if he wants to he can arrest everybody there and throw him off if he wants to allow free speech that's a different story then if he wants to allow the constitution to work itself through that's something different and it's an excuse if you're going to say we want to give everybody their civil rights because there's plenty of room in those places and i want to talk to you because you have you're one of the few people that we've got on the show that's been to several different approach path i'll throw around in front of the message of occupy wall street all right i've been there what has been the most surprising things that you've seen in the various crisis by man. will it was hard for me to get used to the human my could first were somebody says something that a whole bunch of people say it once and it made me a little impatient at first but this is not just for me this is this is coming out
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of a different generation what we're seeing in these occupation movement the occupy movement is a really bottom up phenomenon and i do a radio show bottom up radio because i believe that our technology is affecting our brains and the way we think in the way we interact with people and this problem of phenomenon is something that we're seeing all these kids doing and people who are over thirty or thirty five don't get it and they have to really learn it and understand it and tolerate it and get used to it because what we're seeing as i think is another manifestation is how our brain our young people's brains with these new bottom up ways of doing things are really changing now people who are who are over sixty used to watch movies where a single scene would last two minutes now today's movies a scene is a half a second and there are so many ways that our winds are different so what we're
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seeing is a lot of mocking of what's happening at the wall street or in philadelphia or in washington on the right there they're saying well they don't know what they're doing and they're just having a bunch of conversations about where they're going you know this is bottom up stuff happening what's happening here could be as big a deal as the space program when we first started the space program we were talking about launching a satellite into space was seeing a rocket up there we didn't know that explosion of technologies that everybody would use every day that would change our lives we didn't know that the satellites that were being sent up would be used for cellphones eventually they don't even exist what's happening here is a phenomenon that's huge it's an explosion and on the right there are people like orrin hatch who are saying. this is dangerous he's right but he doesn't have a clue of the injuries it is what do you think it's going to take you know what do you think it's going to take for these protests and certainly you know we keep
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hearing these protests continue to grow they're not losing steam they're gaining steam but in terms of actually translating from you know messaging yelling marching occupying how does that then translate into action into real change happening in this country i'm not sure i think that one thing will happen i talked to a twenty year old in philadelphia matt he was out of school for a year it took a year off and he's he's doing the occupy the occupy philadelphia he said even if they searched occupy through adelphia things would still keep going on because people are waking up there are so many there's a lot of anger about this people are furious that they're getting ripped off that the system is broken that it no longer represents the people that the congress represents corporations now this is a very common thing that whether they're democrats or republicans it doesn't matter
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who you vote for because they're going to take care of the corporations first not the people and i think that what's going to happen is that as more and more people get into this like ok of course you had one hundred people arrested there are probably going to be five hundred people more showing up because that happened there was a sign down in washington that said screw us and we multiply interesting than half of things to be happening especially after he's out of the seven hundred people arrested on the brooklyn bridge in new york i want to thank you so much for joining us ron paul publisher of our fed news dot com. i'm saying with occupy wall street new york of course the birthplace of the movement protesters saying it's not just a movement but people down there they say they want real change in this country and their demands are starting to be shown around the world all artes honest us are going to take a look at one of the faces in the crowd who sell to get so many other faces in the crowd shown on t.v. screens across the globe when they have some got c.e.o.
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down during the week and really protest when the bankers are around but you know why should we leverage the charity we have now camped out in a wall street for three weeks is a joke to start a party and there was no use of trying to have burning man i was looking for a zero accused of being chaotic a major key to the peace a reality it's the older me young and those in the twenty were out on the streets all the people here are. my people some of the right steps the stuff every piece of beating heart it's the i'm glad. you came from texas thirty one year old katie davidson studied political science in college and is now filmmaker volunteering at the council media center her family would be american dream until the recession broke it i just look at what happened world problems like everyone i know it's interesting for us to take something jobless violent you know and it's like those those elements for society it represents all the reasons why
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people are. trying to make. this is to kill me and other occupiers is the beginning of a true revolution that we feel like this. guy pops. in weeks into the demonstrating the occupy wall street movement gets accused of not having one clear message if you are separate are which have never before you. can pop. the with yourself you would probably have a list of pirates to put over many concerns their messages be seen the american system needs fixing the one percent didn't just reject the protests of these values you would see that the group wants change it could be good for everyone instead katie says right now we're seeing it from the one the backlash against the rapid
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growth. if i were them i work i would be nervous and i think a lot of these like to become part of the. economic the circle of. my despair is that there is a reaction from the white resign them. quality of our it's like that. you know i mean it we start winning them it's hard to leave like hundreds of others he stayed put it was in her skills talents and passion to put in a hard day's work and improving america and as you took an hour or two here with. us at now to pakistan where a dozen al-qaeda linked suspects have been arrested this after afghanistan demanded the u.s. put more pressure on islam of on to help fight terrorism so i'm now wondering if pakistan could be the next afghanistan for more on this and a whole lot more i spoke earlier to michael scheuer a former cia intelligence officer and adjunct professor at this of security studies
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at georgetown university start off i asked him about pakistan and how certain members of congress see the country as the next anime of the united states. it's a silly notion but then senator graham's a silly man he he he has never seen a war he doesn't like he's always out looking for more war pakistan is simply not. enjoying this the reality of the united states at the moment because it's looking out for its own national interests president obama prime minister cameron have surrendered in afghanistan they're pulling out troops they're going to leave pakistan with an enormous mess to clean up and what the pakistanis are doing is what all countries need to do and that's to look after their own national interests and what senator mcgregor graham secretary clinton senator mccain president obama they want the pakistanis to do our dirty work for us and the pakistanis have simply said we've supported you forward eleven years we can't do it
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anymore you're killing our stability. i know i was part of a seminar that was one of the main hosts was the former director general of the i.s.i. during nine eleven and he said it's an immense amount of money to host the us there and it's immense amount of money to host all the people who have left afghanistan come over there and have no place to go and so that was one of the major points but he also said and this is a little different subject but this is about osama bin laden the killing there he said the country was extremely embarrassed but also very angry that the u.s. did not work with pakistan if pakistan has been so you know basically has hosted the u.s. military there why is it that there still is so little trust between the two countries because the pakistanis won't do everything we asked them to do the united states government senator graham or whoever you mentioned as a has a real inability to understand that our interests are not pakistan's interests the
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pakistanis have helped us more than any people anyone has a right to expect and now what we're we're there ten years we haven't won the war we're going to leave without winning we're leaving the pakistanis with a mass what do you mean when you say well afghanistan they can't. government is government is close to the iranians it's close to the russians it's closer to the indians of all people and it poses a threat to pakistani security on the western border so there he has to go they have to stop the civil war in the country they have to stop the war that's going on on their own curatorial because of their help for the united states so they have a number of problems which i think amount to a mess and they're going to be left high and dry when we leave i want to switch gears now to news from today a major press conference going on all afternoon with the f.b.i. attorney general eric holder the u.s.
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government apparently has arrested a man they say is to blame they say they fully. well the plot by this man possibly in conjunction with mexican drug cartels to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states talk about what your what your thoughts are about what the question of course is is it was run by what they call an informant of the f.b.i. and what that raises the possibility of just to being another steam one of the biggest problems in the united states for if or telling what the terrorist threat is in our country is that the f.b.i. runs these sting operations and then claims great credit for breaking up a plot that wouldn't have existed except that they lured somebody into doing it my initial reaction is if the iranians wanted to kill a saudi ambassador right do it in the united states when it would cause a war between the united states and iran do it in thailand do it in cambodia do it in saudi arabia but why do it here so you're saying there is little legitimacy to
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this major uncovered plot that we're hearing about today right now it has to be and i heard. the attorney general in the f.b.i. director say well we're not saying you're running a government is involved in it just parrot of the iranian government we don't know a fact within the knew about it i think what you need in mind you can keep in mind is that the saudis want the iranians destroyed the israelis want the iranians destroyed the congress in the united states is owned by israel and so the congress wants iran destroyed and this is an opportunity for them to push for war and so i think we have to be very careful until we find out exactly who is behind this plan but an opportunity for the u.s. government to push for a war i mean this is a time when nobody in this country would want war where you know our troop levels are exhausted certainly still in afghanistan iraq and libya to some capacity why on
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earth would you say that there are people in this government that. a lot more because i've listened to senator graham and i've listened to senator mccain and have a listen to senator joe lieberman neighbor listen to secretary clinton they all want to kill the iranians and drown the iranians and destroy the iranians and the iranians are as much a threat to the united states as my shoes are to the united states but what we don't need is any kind of a conflict with the iranians because what that will do is bring the whole islamic world down on top of us i want to talk now a lot of what's kind of making news these days is the republican presidential field another debate tonight iran is of course one topic they've been asked about but i want to get your reaction in terms of president obama's performance year three not quite on the campaign trail against a candidate because there are certainly a whole field of them right now but what do you think president obama's going to need to do foreign policy wise to really improve his record in the next year i
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don't think there's anything he can do he's locked up tight with the israelis middle eastern peace process is going nowhere he can't do much about trade with china because the chinese are our biggest lenders the saudis we will continue to support the saudis because we need their oil and they also buy a lot of our debt so the only thing he really has going for him in foreign policy at the moment is the drone attacks in pakistan and so we'll probably see more and more of those in those two would. attract the american people because they they're the one thing that seems to be working a little bit against their main enemy which is al qaeda but you don't think if we start to see a major troop withdrawal from some of these countries at least iraq perhaps libya will end one of these days that will change things and turn things around president obama might might start to turn it around a bit but mr obama clearly is a man who is is a very intelligent man in the in the in the economic sense but his no real context
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points with reality he's told the american. well that we're going to have democracy in egypt and libya and yemen and all these places and quite clearly the islamists are going to take power and at least in egypt now there are only twenty six or so deaths just yesterday there and. i think they forgot that mubarak while he was in power no matter whether you like him or not he repressed the islamists and he protected the captive christians with him gone the islamists are on the rise and the catholics are going to be slaughtered and last question for you i just want to kind of bring it back home kind of in relation to the wars that we're talking about right now right down the street from here at freedom plaza a lot of people are camping out protesting a protest called stop the machine or october two thousand and eleven we had one guest on our site just the other day who said he's going to camp out and stay in d.c. and tell all of the troops have come home from afghanistan just want to get your reaction to this protests are sort of happening in conjunction with what we're
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seeing with occupy wall street and occupy everywhere. they as they were protests happening right here well i think i agree to some extent that we should get out of afghanistan immediately because mr obama and before him mr bush didn't intend to win any young man or young woman from the united states who guys in war there are leaders don't intend to win from the first it is a waste a tragic waste and so i would support. an immediate withdrawal from afghanistan although our withdrawal will galvanize and the next generation of muslims will just have been if you will who fought the soviets and who fought are some who fought who are fighting us now so it's a big loss but if you don't intend to win don't go to war lot of interesting points so good to have you michael you're a former senior officer with the cia and also adjunct professor at georgetown in security studies thanks so much thank you ma'am and that is going to do it for now but for more on the stories because of our go to r.t. dot com.


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